Virtual Thoughts
Virtual Thoughts

Proof of Concepts (PoC)

3 Recent PoCs

vCPE uing a Docker Container

Demonstrated at OPNFV's 1st Summit and CableLabs 

Designed and led deveopers to host a Docker container on an R-Pi including Dan's Guardian (Linux Parental Control), a web proxy and a Node.js emulating a vCPE.

IPv4aaS on an IPv6 Network

Demonstrated at IETF (Prague) and SCTE

A R-Pi was used as a home gateway to be an endpoint for an IPv6oGRE tunnel to transfer IPv4 packets through an IPv6 operator's access and core networks.

5G Zero-Touch Service Management

Submitted to Deutsche Telecom for the NSM initiative

Network and Service Management (NSM) is an effort to create PoCs to surface gaps in an End-to-End domain for zero-touch management.

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